Im a Russound ABus user too.

My Slimp sits flush in the Lounge - and from there goes into my
Abus system. I use an Epods in the Bedroom to control it, and a Dell Axim X3
when i wonder around the house - i.e. for Bathroom listening

Daughter sometimes uses it with a nice Barbie Pink skin from her bedroom...


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I concur with T.J. on the Russound solution, with a slight twist. I use the
Russound ABus system which uses amplified volume controls feeding my
inwall/inceiling speakers. ABus uses Cat5 wiring and you can control your
IR devices from any volume control over the Cat5 wiring, which means
controlling the squeezbox. The limitation is you can't see the artist/album
info on the display. Using a more advanced solution with Russound, if you
could use a PDA with the web interface you could control the squeezebox (I
think) from the PDA and see artist/album info.

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I have mine set up with a Russound 6 room system. For speakers, there are
several brands that make good in-wall, wall-mount or ceiling speakers. Only
need one Slimp3. Each room has a choice of 4 different sources (DVD, TUNER,
VCR and SLIMP3). My tuner has all the output that goes through my regular
stereo thereby further increasing the number of sources. The Russound has
an IR blaster so you can use your remote in any room to control any of these
devices. This works pretty well, I think.

The only thing I would add is a web server and TV out on the Slimp3. I
would then modulate that signal onto a channel in my whole house distributed
video system so that users could see and the remote could control the html
interface to select music. I am planning to add that capability to my
FreeBSD box, instead. I guess your plan of having several Slimp3s allows
you to browse music on the slimp3, instead. Powered speakers often leave
much to be desired in my opinion.

T. J. Angstman

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I'm setting up a multi-room house audio system using SLIMP3 and/or
Squeezebox devices. My main objective is to to have synchronized
MP3/internet radio playback throughout the house with the option of
un-synching as the need arises.

I'm sold on the technology, now I'm looking at how to best install these
puppies so they're convenient, easy to access, and such. I'm interested in
how these set up and any lessons learned/best practices around those
"useability" aspects such as:

How to mount/physically place the SLIMP3 or SBox ?
Any suggestions on good quality powered speakers and how to mount them? (I
plan to hook only one device to the "old" stereo system, so most devices
will need a set of powered speakers)
Is there a nice looking wall panel approach anyone has devised? (I'm
actually thinking of mounting some of them in the wall with a seperate
volume up/down/on/off nob as an alternative to using the remote)

Is there a proven technique to encode (real time) my own live MP3 streams
and serve them up, e.g. for the local radio station that doesn't offer
internet radio? I assume there's some xtra software required to do this,
something like icecast.

Any helpful setup experience is much appreciated.

Mike Beranek