> > 1. Could this possibly be related to not having Slim Players on my
> > yet? (Hope not).

>Don't think so. I don't use Slim players, but my SlimServer runs 24/7 and
>never shuts down. I am, however, using NT4.0 Workstation, not Server. I
>also run SlimServer as a program rather than a service due to it not
>shared folders when run as a service.


I too had this problem with shared directories but in my case I discovered
it was related to permissions. Using the default options, I think
SlimServer Service runs under the SYSTEM account. Until I specifcally
granted SYSTEM with privledges to my shared folders it would not scan my
files (I'm not a believer in setting privledges for EVERYONE under NT so
this was the cause of my problem). Once I granted permission to SYSTEM on
the share, it worked fine for me running as a service. I later changed the
account from SYSTEM to another account because of the log off problem but it
has been scanning files as a service without problem.

Good to know that I don't need any devices. That rules out one possibility.