Thanks for your input, it is interesting to know what configurations work
and that others are having success.

By "software problem", I simply mean that it is not a hardware malfunction.
In other words, it is due to squeezebox firmware, router firmware, slim
server software, or some other software issue.

Incidentally, how do you know that only a fraction of owners put anything on
the list? How many squeezebox owners are there currently? It is my
understanding that the squeezebox (as opposed to slimp3) is a relatively new
product, so I would be to learn that it is so well-established already that
all of the bugs have been ironed out.


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>Subject: [slim] FW: wireless connection very intermittent
>Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 18:51:04 -0700
>Considering the large number of squeezeboxes in use, I can't imagine that
>this is a software problem.
>Only a fraction of all the owners out there ever put anything on the list.
>I have not had any problems with wireless on my squeezebox. When running
>has 50-60% wireless strength (router is in the basement, squeeze is on the
>2nd floor of the house) and I have no dropouts or other issues.
>I am on RH9 running the latest daily build and latest firmware for the
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>Thanks for sharing your experience. That's quite interesting that a weaker
>signal improves performance in your case.
>Unfortunately, removing the antenna from the squeezebox does not improve
>functionality for me. In fact, once the antenna is removed, it can't even
>connect to the wireless network from another room.
>I am becoming progressively more convinced that the issue is
>software-related, particularly because the connection with the slimserver
>software is always lost when I try to play a song. In other words, if I
>reboot the wireless router and nagivate through the various squeezebox
>menus, I can access artists, songs, genres, etc, but when I actually press
>the play button, that's when it freezes up.
>Hoping to find resolution soon so I can start listening to some music!
>Thanks again for your input.
> >Reply-To: Slim Devices Discussion <discuss (AT) lists (DOT)>
> >To: "'Slim Devices Discussion'" <discuss (AT) lists (DOT)>
> >Subject: [slim] FW: wireless connection very intermittent
> >Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 13:00:02 -0000
> >
> >I'm having this too, just setting up for the first time
> >
> >I'm running slimserver on RedHat9 using a netgear "wireless/4 ether

> >router.
> >When connected using wireless right next to the router it was

> >with 94% wireless signal, when running using ethernet cable it was all
> >fine.
> >
> >Unplugged the wireless arial and got 64% signal strength and it worked
> >great, its now downstairs with a 68% signal strength and running fine.
> >
> >Could the signal in some case be too strong?
> >
> >johnM
> >