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    How to select individual track when playing APE?

    just got SB3 from UPS. everything works smoothly. now using latest SB3 firmware (automatically upgrade) and SS 6.5.2.

    the APE can play without problem. i am using APE->Flac to save some network bandwidth. however seems i can not choose individual track inside APE. i have both ape and cue available in the same folder for each album. from SB3 side, i can see the number of tracks correctly but when i choose any tracks to play, it always starts playing from track01. same for server side, eg, if i play track04 in the playlist via web interface (, the SB3 displays songname of track04 but still playing track01.

    anyone has idea on this?


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    I had the same issue. APE and CUE is not a good solution. I have converted my APE files to high bitrate MP3, and have no more issues . So my advice to you is to convert the APE file to another format, that the Squeezebox can play natively (FLAC if the source is lossless).

    Here is another thread on this issue, which may explain things in more detail: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showth...hlight=ape+cue



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    thanks and think i sort of understand.

    obviously in foobar2000, the foo_input_monkey.dll can decode ape and support skipping. i am sure the person who did foo_input_monkey.dll can develop a mac.exe that supports skipping. well maybe i ask for too much. ;-)

    i have a huge existing collection of APE with CUE sheet. converting them to FLAC is a big task especially i need to modify every CUE sheet.

    anyway thanks for the reply.

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