Are there any plans for a "Lite" version of Slimserver that remains 100% Transporter-compatible while running nicely on a 64 megabyte, ARM-powered NAS device like Excito's Bubba server? 6.3.1 seems to work very nicely and has no shortage of features that I can see.

The information I've found so far suggests that Slimserver 6.5.x will run on devices like Bubba, but it's a fussy install due to a dependancy on MySQL, and it's web interface is really slow. 6.3.1's web intenrface isn't blazingly fast, but it's useable IMO, and doesn't seem to be lacking in features.

I realize I can build a fanless PC or buy a Mac Mini for Slimserver instead of trying to use such a tiny server as Bubba, but that kills a lot of my incentive to buy a Transporter: Why not simply use the Mac Mini + iTunes + USB DAC at that point. If need be, I'd consider dedicating a Bubba just for Slimserver.