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    Slimserver causes load on Internet traffic...

    I notice that when Slimserver is loaded (6.5.1) then this causes traffic on the internet/ADSL Modem.

    If I stop slimserver then the traffic stops. Once restarted it starts up again. It seems to be about a packet a second. I don't have squeezenetwork on and I have my squeezebox off.

    My internet provider has also registered the increased traffic.

    Any ideas or help?


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    could it be one of the plugins? which ones are you using?

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    Whatever the default ones are by installation...
    But would they still cause traffic if the squeezebox is off and not connected to squeezenetwork?
    Don't know what traffic one packet a second is?

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    One of the first things I do with new software is turn 'automatically check for updates' off. It sounds like slimserver may be listening for updates, which is just a guess, but you could try turning it off in Server Settings|Behavior.

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    SlimServer broadcasts the date/time to the Squeezeboxes. Could it be trying to get out across your modem for some reason?

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    SlimServer only needs internet access for:

    1. Automatic updates (you can turn this off)
    2. Internet radio (only if you are pulling streams from Internet radio)
    3. Plugins (RSS feeds, weather, etc.)
    4. Public SlimServer access if you've chosen to do so.

    Item 2, it may query the station for track data even when the Squeezebox is off. Note, the Squeezebox is never really off, it's idle.

    Item 3, these plugins can be active as sceensavers in any mode, including idle, and even if brightness is set to 0.

    Item 4, you generally have to go out of your way to do this unless you have no firewall or router. Do you have a firewall or router?

    If you do have a firewall, you can disallow SlimServer Internet access if you're willing to lose items 1-4. Do not block local network traffic though or your players will stop working.

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    That is a good question about your hardware configuration. Are you behind a router or is your PC directly connected to your ADSL modem? If the latter case, what IP is your Squeezebox using and/or what DHCP server is assigning an IP address to it?

    You said virtually nothing about your home network configuration so I'm wondering if the problem ties to that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vain4 View Post
    could it be one of the plugins? which ones are you using?
    And aren't all of the included plugins enabled by default?

    Besides turning off automatic checks for updates, the first thing I do is disable all unused plugins. The only ones I find necessary are the 'Date and Time Screensaver' and 'Random Mix'. It will depend, though, on whether you need things like iTunes or MusicMagic integration.

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    I have the exact same problem; I also have erratic startups of my Squeezeboxes(Yep they turn on by themselves).
    This all started when I upgraded my version of Clarkconnect from version 3.2 to 4.1. I have an image of my server configuration prior to the upgrade, I went back to it to confirm that I had no problem then, all seem to be working find on the previous version of clarkconnect.
    I suspect the traffic increase is coming from the slimserver service, could also be coming from my Squeezeboxes.
    The traffic increase is in one direction, outgoing from my server, the incoming traffic does not seem to be affected. The output is approximately 70.0 to 80.0 k per second.
    The slimserver is running on a separate server from my gateway.

    Since this is an outgoing traffic problem, I turned on the http, http_async, http_verbose debugging.

    Here is a sample of what I get:

    2007-05-30 22:56:29.2103 sendstreaming response begun...
    2007-05-30 22:56:29.2117 Closing streaming socket.
    2007-05-30 22:56:29.2131 Closing streaming file.
    2007-05-30 22:56:29.2162 Streaming client closed connection...
    2007-05-30 22:56:29.6278 Accepted connection 1 from
    2007-05-30 22:56:29.6331 reading request...
    2007-05-30 22:56:29.6352 HTTP request: from (HTTP:aemon::ClientConn=GLOB(0xc669ad0)) for GET HTTP/1.1 /status_header.html?p0=mixer&p1=volume&p2=70&player =00%3A04%3A20%3A06%3A39%3Ad4
    2007-05-30 22:56:29.6390 HTTP parameter p0 = mixer
    2007-05-30 22:56:29.6413 HTTP parameter p1 = volume
    2007-05-30 22:56:29.6431 HTTP parameter p2 = 70
    2007-05-30 22:56:29.6457 HTTP parameter player = 00:04:20:06:39:d4
    2007-05-30 22:56:29.6523 processURL Clients:
    2007-05-30 22:56:29.6599 Generating response for (htm, text/html) status_header.html
    2007-05-30 22:56:29.6632 generating from include.html
    2007-05-30 22:56:29.6840 generating from select_option.html
    2007-05-30 22:56:29.6999 generating from select_option.html
    2007-05-30 22:56:29.8019 generating from status_header.html
    2007-05-30 22:56:29.9136 End request: keepAlive: [1] - waiting for next request for HTTP:aemon::ClientConn=GLOB(0xc669ad0) on connection = Keep-alive

    2007-05-30 22:56:29.9490 Sent 322 to
    2007-05-30 22:56:29.9510 More to send to
    2007-05-30 22:56:30.0605 Sent 8191 to
    2007-05-30 22:56:30.0621 No more messages to send to
    2007-05-30 22:56:30.0958 No segment to send to, waiting for next request..
    2007-05-30 22:56:39.2637 reading request...
    2007-05-30 22:56:39.2650 Client at disconnected. (half-closed)

    2007-05-30 22:57:43.4112 Accepted connection 1 from
    2007-05-30 22:57:43.4165 reading request...
    2007-05-30 22:57:43.4188 HTTP request: from (HTTP:aemon::ClientConn=GLOB(0xc7da95c)) for GET HTTP/1.1 /music/1599/download/
    2007-05-30 22:57:43.4316 processURL Clients:
    2007-05-30 22:57:43.4343 Generating response for (htm, text/html) music/1599/download/
    2007-05-30 22:57:43.4377 generating from include.html
    2007-05-30 22:57:43.4703 Opening Slim::Schema::Track=HASH(0xc7d3ed8) to stream...
    2007-05-30 22:57:43.4789 End request: keepAlive: [1] - waiting for next request for HTTP:aemon::ClientConn=GLOB(0xc7da95c) on connection = Keep-alive

    2007-05-30 22:57:43.4824 sendstreaming response begun...
    2007-05-30 22:57:43.4850 Streamed 345 to
    2007-05-30 22:57:43.4883 sendstreaming response begun...
    2007-05-30 22:57:43.4908 (audio: 32768 bytes)
    2007-05-30 22:57:43.4945 Streamed 32768 to
    2007-05-30 22:57:43.4970 sendstreaming response begun...
    2007-05-30 22:57:43.4998 (audio: 32768 bytes)
    2007-05-30 22:57:43.5038 Streamed 32768 to
    2007-05-30 22:57:43.5356 sendstreaming response begun...
    2007-05-30 22:57:43.5380 (audio: 32768 bytes)
    2007-05-30 22:57:43.5402 Streamed 32768 to
    2007-05-30 22:57:43.9548 sendstreaming response begun...
    2007-05-30 22:57:43.9566 (audio: 32768 bytes)
    2007-05-30 22:57:43.9592 Streamed 32768 to
    2007-05-30 22:57:44.3636 sendstreaming response begun...
    2007-05-30 22:57:44.3654 (audio: 32768 bytes)
    2007-05-30 22:57:44.3675 Streamed 32768 to
    2007-05-30 22:57:44.7704 sendstreaming response begun...
    2007-05-30 22:57:44.7724 (audio: 32768 bytes)
    2007-05-30 22:57:44.7750 Streamed 32768 to
    2007-05-30 22:57:45.1435 sendstreaming response begun...
    And it goes on and on.

    I have had to turn off the slimservice service until a solution is found (No complaints from my provider yet but do not want to go there).
    I am open to any suggestions ??


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    Checking who owns - returned the following:

    Reverse: crawl-66-249-65-11.googlebot.com
    Prefix Name: Google REACH (Customer Route)
    AS: 15169
    AS Name: Google Google, Inc

    If this is true, looks like Google wants to know more about youer music !

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