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    Slimserver hangs after remote streaming?

    I have a dedicated slimserver sat behind my router and sometimes access it remotely to stream using myipaddress:9000/stream.mp3. This is fantstatic !!

    My routine is:-

    1) open the stream url in WMP and immediately stop the stream
    2) this activates the remote player in the player list of the slimserver
    3) I then select this player and add tracks to it and press play
    4) I then resume play in WMP which plays the tunes
    5) Press stop and close apps when I have finished.

    However, quite often after I have done this, I find that when I get home, the slim page will not load either on the server or via myipaddress:9000 access from another machine.

    To solve this I stop and re-start the service.

    Is there and abvious reason why this might happen ? Why does remote streaming seem to hang the server? Is there a setting I have missed somewhere ?

    The server is running XP Pro SP2 (latest) and slim server is
    SlimServer Version: 6.5.1 - 10145 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252
    Server IP address:
    Perl Version: 5.8.8 MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
    MySQL Version: 5.0.22-community-nt

    Any comments/ideas welcomed


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    Is there a WMP running on the same system as the Slimserver ?
    What version of WMP are you using ?
    WMP 11 will grab port 9000 if the server capability is enabled and if started before Slimserver

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    WMP is on the server machine, however, it's not an active application. I'm pretty sure it isn't WMP11 but will check when I get home in a couple of days.
    I'm not sure about WMP having a server capability. Would it be worth giving SS port 9001 instead - just in case?

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    I'm just home. The server is hung again (I was streaming earlier).

    WMP is v10. Does that do anything to the 9000 port ?

    I'd like to solve this without having to explain to the wife how to reboot the service.

    Is there anything else I should be investigating ?


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    Are you sure the server has hung ?
    Is it possible it has crashed ?
    If you are unsure - use Task manager and look for the process slim.exe (I think)

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    good question

    will check task mgr next time. By 'hung' I mean that SS no longer plays to the SB3 and also the :9000 page doesn't load into IE either on the host server or any other pc trying to view it.

    A stop and re-start of the SS service cures it, but, I'd like to try and stop it happening as I'm not at home when it happens (by default as I'm remote streaming) and it stops SWMBO using it.

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    Your symptoms for "hung" also seem to match "crashed"
    - what activity is showing that makes you think slimserver is still running but "hung" as opposed to "crashed"

    Have you checked the event log to see if slimserver has crashed in the past ?

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    I can't see anything for SQL or Slim or anything in the event log.

    w.r.t. crashed or hung...I'm not sure. When it's in this state, you can still select tunes directly via the SB3, however, despite what the SB3 says, nothing plays.
    The :9000 page won't load though.

    Is there an event file within the slim directories that may reveal something ?


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    anyone else got any ideas ? Still scratching my head this end....


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