--- Mikko Hńnninen <Mikko.Hanninen (AT) iki (DOT) fi> wrote:
> Farid Shenassa <fshenassa (AT) usaninc (DOT) com> wrote on Fri, 02 Jan 2004:
> > This is out of left field and I may be all wet, but given the we have

> direct
> > control of the slimp3 and the server software, could we use the mp3gain
> > adjustment info not to manipulate the mp3 bits, but have the mp3 software
> > just lower the volume level of the slimp3 (in the analog side) from a
> > theortical max.

> To me, that sounds actually a very good (and novel - not suggested
> before from what I've seen!) idea. But it might prove to be somewhat
> worksome to implement, as the functionality of mp3gain would have to
> be built into the server, or a separate tool that would put marker
> information about gain adjustments into the files and which the server
> would then look for. mp3gain couldn't be used, as it actually alters
> the files.

You wouldn't need a separate tool.

mp3gain can also be used to place track and album gain information
in the mp3 file itself (at the end in APEv2 tags) without changing
any of the audio data in the file. However hardly any players
recognize and use these tags.


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