This is odd; I have two slimservers running, one on a generic x86 box running a hacked version of OSX 10.4.4, and one running on a G4 Powerbook. The x86 runs slimserver like a charm: wicked fast, minimal load on the machine (each machine has 1 GB of memory), and crash-free.

The G4 Powerbook is weird, however. After no more than an hour of running time, it maxxes out the processor cycles. I've used the Activity Monitor look at what files and ports are in use, and I seem to have a very large set of IP connections (noted as :websm) that slim seems to be making. It's on a very fast connection, a T3, BTW. The source of the prob might be the many open connections it's maintaining (why I don't know), but I could be wrong. Any nisights here?