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    Feature Request: Adjustable timer for Wake on Lan

    Hi there,
    new to this whole forum thing but have been user of Squeezeboxes for couple of years now. I would like to request a SW change in the squeezebox so that when it sends a WOL packet to my server to wake it up it waits say 2-3 mins whilst the computer boots and then tries to connect instead of trying to do at the same time. This is because it frustrates my wife every time she tries to turn on the system and she is not very patient waiting. Often she gives up and gives me ear ache when I get home. If the SB could diplay the message "Waiting for server ..." for this time period also that would be great. That way she could see that something is hapening and she would get the Welcome screen once the PC is ready and would not have to press the power button on the remote more than once.
    Any feeback on feasibility would be appreciated - I have posted a seperate thread on this and others seem to have similar issues so thought I would log it as a SW enhancement request!!

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    Feature Request: Adjustable timer for Wake on Lan

    All feature requests should be made on bugs.slimdevices.com. A
    separate sign in is required, but then you can file your request,
    setting the "serverity" option to "enhancement". Other users can then
    add their own comments and/or votes.


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