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    Smooth transition between playlists

    I am trying to use the CLI interface to send an audible and message alert to the Squeezebox. I am just wondering the smoothest way to do this?

    Currently I am:
    - Saving current songs as a temporary playlist
    - Querying for index in the song list and time through the song
    - Pausing the song
    - Increasing the volume by 50%
    - Playing a notify sound
    - Displaying a message
    - Returning Volume to original level
    - Reloading the temporary playlist
    - Starting to replay from the Index and Time I saved earlier

    The volume increase can cause problems because the current song hasn't yet paused. The notify sound sometimes doesn't get played, and the reloading of the playlist can take a second or so by which time the screensaver has kicked in.

    This is my first venture into using the CLI, so any pointers would be appreciated.

    Many thanks,

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    For the timing issue, you could do a "listen 1" and look at the details reported by the server about what's going on. That could help. What would really help would be a way to overlay sounds, but there is no support in SlimServer for that, so none in the CLI.

    Otherwise, why don't you try inserting the alarm song into the playlist, then skip the current song to the alarm, then let it fly? OK you're not going back to your original song...



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