Just received my two squeezeboxes the other day and everything has been working great... except synchronization. I am streaming 128kbps mp3 files to a wired and wireless box. I have upgraded the firmware on both boxes and upgraded to the latest slimserver nightly release of 5.0.3. Here's what happens:

If I stop and restart the slim service, stop all playing streams on both boxes, and pray... synch starts and will run for hours without an issue. Simply perfect but very rare and painful to get there.

If I'm already playing a file on one of the boxes prior to streaming, skip to the next track, or change playlists while synched...

1) Most often I just get little blurps for the wired box. I can try stopping and restarting the playlist or skipping to the next stream but nothing will resolve the issue.
2) The other times the playlist starts streaming synched the first tune... but,

A) no progress on the counter
B) plays for about 5 secs before either blurps form the wired box OR if I have skipped to another tune it will play a bit of the first tune in buffer (I assume) before beginning the blurps (and the counter).

I know you are working hard on this. Let me know if you have any questions or have anything you want me to try.

eric (AT) fiste (DOT) net