Recently I heard about some high definition downloads on the audiophile forum. The music can be found at:

When I tried to play these downloads I suffered from intermitent break up of the music. This surprised ne as I had not had any issues before and my wireless signal strength was around 60 to 70%. I considered that these high definition files may require more bandwidth than my normal FLAC ones. To test the issue I connected the SB3 by cable and all worked fine. However, 50 feet of ethernet cable was not a long term solution. In another area of the house I did have a belkin wireless range extender (F5D7130) so I experimented with positioning it in different places. I found that the most effective position was right next to my SB3. I even achieved a 100% wireless signal and the high definition recordings play perfectly.

This may help others with wirless issues in their set up.