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    Digitize FM radio and stream to SlimServer

    What kind of setup would be necessary to do this?

    I have an FM tuner that stays tuned to just one local station. The station has an Internet feed but it's as crappy as most - something like 32kbps - and I actually listen to music when I listen to it.

    I'm thinking I may as well get the tuner out of my audio rack, given the one station thing and the one or two hours per week that I use it, so I'd like to bury the tuner in the basement with my server, then digitize the output and stream it to my SBs around the house.

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    Somebody has got the Griffin Radioshark working in Linux:


    With that part figured out, one could make a Slimserver plugin that would not just stream but also let you change stations.

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    awesome post.

    first, do you mean digital FM or regular analog FM?

    i have seen receivers with FM abilities (obviously) and digital outs that one would presume output the FM digitally.

    however, while nice, FM is still FM... sure, it can sound good, but its not a CD. and if you guys knew how much processing and compressing we did, you'd probably be ill. its more convienent then anything else.

    however, a digital output for digital FM or Sat radio, that would be pretty cool. that should be near CD quality, should in most cases have artist/track names, (as some analogs do btw), and be worth the trouble.

    the catch is they still would process it, but i would guess not a lot. we don't do digital FM yet where i help out, but i can ask some folks about it.

    one thing i don't know is what sample rate it uses, but again, a receiver would probably convert it for you on a digital out to 44.1

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
    i have seen receivers with FM abilities (obviously) and digital outs that one would presume output the FM digitally.
    If you're referring to an A/V receiver, they won't do that. The analog inputs, including the internal tuner, are not connected to the digital outputs.
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    So you have an existing non-computer-based-tuner, and want to stream from it? Plug it into the sound card on your PC, and use Shoutcast. Create a playlist that tunes in that station so you can attach a pretty name to it.

    Situation solved excepting you can't change stations, but, then you said you don't want to anyway...

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