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    Tracks randomly restarting on SB3 running 6.3.1

    I've had my two SB3s for more than a year and they have run almost problem-free, until the last few weeks. On a number of occasions, I've had a track restart from the beginning seemingly randomly. I *think* it has only happened with very long tracks (I am a DJ and I prepare 2-hour long single-track MP3 files of my prerecorded radio shows) and the SB doesn't seem to be rebooting, as it will play, say, 30 minutes of the track/show and near-instantaneously, start from the beginning of a track again. If the SB were rebooting, I'd expect there to be a pause in the music, if not a need to go through the setup menu again.

    I've never been in the room with the SB (or the computer) when this has occurred to know whether it might be a wireless network issue, a too-many-applications-running-on-the-computer issue or something else. All I can say is that this problem never occurred until very recently and I haven't done any software upgrading (still running SlimServer 6.3.1) and can't think of a good reason that merely playing a lengthy track would cause this to happen, unless there is some buffer folder involved that is getting overfilled. And this certainly doesn't happen every time I play one of my shows - maybe it happens 1 out of every 10 times. Given that I am running mere MP3 files and others are using lossless files, I wouldn't think that the amount of data involved with these 2-hour MP3 files would be the cause.

    I do live in the city and there are plenty of people around with visible wireless networks, so I do wonder if some sort of wireless network "collision" could be a cause. I'm certainly no wireless networking expert.

    Does anyone have any ideas at possible causes and, more importantly, solutions? Should I just upgrade to SlimServer 6.5.1 (which I note has created issues of its own for a number of users) or 6.5.0 and see if that makes the problem go away? Are there any known issues with playing lengthy tracks (e.g. the buffer gets too full playing a 200MB track)? Are there any diagnostics I can run to see what might be happening? Has anyone else experienced this issue?

    I LOVE my SBs, but this new quirk is really quite annoying.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    are you sure the SB has clean, constant power?

    if it loses power, just for a moment, it might do what u describe.

    its def possible that a neighbor is messing up your wireless.

    try wiring it and see if that makes the issue disappear.

    also, i am using the 6.5.2 nightly, which has solved many issues for me, b/c it allows me to force a proxy of a net stream, and it correctly organizes albums more or less in the artwork gallery view.

    if you don't like 6.5.2 just keep an install file around of a ver you do like, jic.

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    Thanks, Mr. Sinatra.

    As far as I know, the SB has clean, constant power. It's right where its been sitting for the last 15 months or so, operating smoothly. Same applies for the other SB that is downstairs. Of course, we have cats, so I guess you never know if they are pulling on a power cord in the other room (or on the synched, downstairs SB), but this seems unlikely, given that this didn't happen at all for so long.

    The computer and SB are far enough away where wiring the SB isn't really feasible, except, I suppose on a very limited test basis. There isn't a way to permanently make a wired connection unless I start busting open walls or running cords along the floor. And the restarting issue is so intermittent, that it is hard to know how long I might have to listen before it happened (or didn't happen).

    I'm going to try upgrading to a 6.5.x version to see if that helps. I do have a new computer on the way, as my current one is a couple of years old, so maybe getting rid of some of the accumulated digital flotsam and jetsam on my existing computer will help solve things. I'm also going to be installing a new wireless router with the new computer, so maybe that will assist with possible wireless interference issues.

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    May want to look here:


    in particular, the "Server and Network Health" which in 6.3 is a plugin.
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