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    playlists causing artitst to drop from database?

    just today i discovered that certain artists were not showing up in my database properly anymore. that is, they were showing up when i browsed through the "albums", but not if i went directly to "artists".

    track=sol, artist=ishq, album=floatation
    track=drifting, aritst=circular, album=floatation

    first i browse through albums:
    album->floatation->ishq->sol [OK]
    album->floatation->circular->drifting [OK]

    but when i browse through artists:
    artists->ishq-> n.a. [not there]
    artists-> n.a. [not there]

    how bizarre is that?

    the files are fine, they play perfectly and as part of a playlist they also work fine.

    now here is the strangest part: this effect is caused by my PLAYLISTS! (see attached).

    it doesnt seem to matter if i use playlists created by winamp or lists created by slimserver itself.

    and before anyone asks: yes BOTH playlist versions work perfectly.

    as soon as i scan these lists, strange things happen to my repository (see above).
    when i rebuild my database without these playlists, everything is fine. until i import them again...

    before playlist scan: 747 artists
    after playlist scan: 529 artists
    2528 songs before AND after playlist scan. what the...?

    i know the cause, but i dont know the reason. worse: i dont know how to fix it.

    my suspicions:
    1. my playlists are too big, slimserver cant handle them
    2. my playlists contain strange characters (icelandic, french, german, etc.) and slimserver cant handle those
    3. playlist handling is plain buggy

    my system:
    SlimServer Version: 6.5.1 - 11206 - Windows Server 2003 - EN - cp1252
    Perl Version: 5.8.8 MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
    MySQL Version: 5.0.22-community-nt

    please help - i spent HOURS putting my lists together, i would hate to not be able to use them!

    thanx in advance!

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    additional clarification

    just tried some other things.

    i created a huge playlist from scratch within slimserver and not with an external tool. (~42 Kbyte in size, ~380 tracks).

    the problem is still there, which means it has definitely nothing to do with the fact that i made my playlists with winamp.
    (after rescanning i had only 650 artists in my DB, instead of the 747 that there should be. of course, ishq/floatation was one of the ones missing. ;-)

    the problem is even there if i create only small lists (~3 Kbyte, 25 songs). but because only 2-3 artists disappear, i never noticed it before.

    and i have attached two screenshots to visualize what is happening.

    the first image shows what i see when i browse for "ishq" = 4 albums. but there should be 5...!

    the second image shows what i see when i click on "all songs" in the first screen = the missing 5. album! (floatation).

    why am i seeing it in one view but not in the other?

    again, this effect only shows if i rescan after having created or imported playlists. as long as i dont rescan or rebuild, everything is fine... ;-)

    oh yeah and two more things: i did try to completely remove and re-install slimserver as well as made sure my playlists are stored in a different directory as my music (as per the recommendations of this forum). both have had zero effect.

    am i just too stupid? i cannot imagine that a problem like this has gone unnoticed... so what am i doing wrong?

    help, please!

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    playlists causing artitst to drop from database?

    The example you show in your first post would appear to be two
    different artists on the same album. Could it be that all of the
    artists that you are "missing" are from compilation albums? If so,
    there is a part of the scan that merges compilation albums under the
    single "various artists" label. Check under server settings->behaviour.
    You can select to group artists on compilations, or to have them under
    each individual artist. You'll need to rescan after making a change.


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    playlists breaking browse and search artists


    I think this is the bug you are seeing - if so you may want to vote for it


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    hi kdf and thanks for your thoughts.

    yes, it does seem to be worst with compilation albums.
    checking out some more to verify....
    > well, in a reasonable time i could only find compilations that exhibited the problem. but i have no counter-evidence that it never happens to regular albums as conclusive proof.

    doing a test on your theory of the slimserver settings right now......

    > current setting was: "List compilation albums under each artist". - 650 of 747 artists visible
    > new setting is: "group compilation albums together"
    >even before rebuilding (!) - 150 of 747 artists visible
    > 174 of 747 artists visible

    so, no that didnt solve the problem.

    by now i am convinced this is a bug that is provoked by using playlists.

    so i am going to follow roy's advice and vote/comment on it in bugzilla.

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