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    Slimserver crashes when in gallery view

    I am running the official Slimserver V6.5.1 release for Windows and every time I try and change to Gallery View so that I can view the album artwork the server crashes.

    I also had the same problem with V6.5.0 release.

    Is anybody able to advise on what the problem may be.


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    You most likely have a problem with cover art, since Slimserver now tries to automatically make thumbnails if you don't have them present.

    A prior bug on this (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4719) ended up being BMP cover art. Is that the case for you? If so, convert them to JPG/GIF/PNG, depending on your preference and it should work.

    (Though probably SlimServer should ignore cover.bmp if it can't rescale it... )

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    Slimserver crashes when in gallery view

    Quoting Glyn <Glyn.2ljqao1170702602 (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com>:

    > Is anybody able to advise on what the problem may be.

    Can you find a message in the event viewer that corresponds to the crash?
    control Panel->acministration tools->event viewer.

    There is one known bug that affects the library used to shrink the
    cover images for use in gallery view. Certain jpeg files will cause a
    crash saying "perl interpreter failed". The only solution currently
    is to narrow down which artwork is causing the problem, and get a new
    file, or resave it using an image editor.


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    Mine does this too - always at the same point and I have tried changing the piece of rogue clipart without sucess (although I may have the wrong one). However - annoying as it may be - it doesn't stop me listening to the music which is the primary purpose of the SB after all so I don't lose too much sleep over it - but I will fix it one day.


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    thats the bug kdf is talking about.

    it may not be the explanation for the people in this thread, but it could be.

    when it was happening to me, sometimes SS would get some of the art in the browser window. take note if it does, your bad art is somewhere near here where it stops.

    my gf opened the bad jpg, and then saved it again in photoshop or something like that. i'd bet gimp or gimpshop would work too.

    i'm not sure if she changed the particular kind of jpg format it was, just removed metadata in the tag of the photo, or both, but it did fix the issue for me.

    and bmp's can be converted to true jpgs as well, and then they will resize.

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