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    Any UK Users using SB3 wireless with Sky Broadband router?


    I need to change ISP and am thinking of moving to Sky.

    The thing is you have to take their wireless router.

    My SB3 works flawlessly with my DLink G604T and so I am worried about changing router.

    Can anyone put my mind to rest?



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    I haven't tested the Sky Broadband router myself, so I may not be able to offer the answer you're looking for. But couldn't you always use any wireless access point you want? Couldn't you just disable the wireless broadcast function of 'their' router, and simply use any wireless access point you want?

    Seems like a good idea especially if you've already got one you like.
    Ross L

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    Hi Geoggy,

    I switched over to Sky broadband a few months ago and I can assure you that the router supplied (Netgear DG834GT) works fine for me with my wireless SB3.

    The worry I had was that Sky supply the router pre-configured with an SSID etc including using WPA (as opposed to WAP) as a pre-requisite to connect to their service.

    I was planning to buy a Roku soundbridge however I found that this only has support for WAP but the SB3 handles WPA fine and setup was a breeze.

    hope this helps


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    Any UK Users using SB3 wireless with Sky Broadband router?

    Hey Gazza,

    Would you be so kind as to tell us exactly what you did to get up and running because I'm having problems connecting to my Slimserver using the Sky router. I appear to be connecting to the wireless network initially through the networking setup dialogue, but when I get an IP address via DHCP or try to enter a static one my SB3 fails to connect.

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    On an independant Sky user forum, I read there is an easy(ish) way of cracking the Sky router to get it to give you your username details - there was one way that involved power off in the middle of a firmware upgrade, but this didn't involve anything risky. I'm sure a quick Google will turn it up.

    You can then use other routers.

    edit it was somewhere on http://www.skyuser.co.uk
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