My MP3 server gets used for two things -- first, to
stream to SLIMP3s (duh!); second, to get copied onto
iPods for mobile use.

iPods don't do .CUE files, but the SLIMP3 does (and
does them jolly well, nice work). So for some albums,
it would be ideal for me to be able to store both the
single-huge-mp3-with-matching-cue, _and_ the
one-mp3-per-track versions. This has a rather
unfortunate doubling effect when the SLIMP3 sees both

Obviously, one solution is to store the
one-mp3-per-track versions outside the directory that
the SLIMP3 thinks of as the music root. This would
work great, but I don't really want to do it (the
collection lives, carefully sorted, on a RAID5 volume

What I'd really like is to do this:

pink floyd - the wall / the_wall.mp3
separate / 1.01 - in the flesh.mp3
1.02 - the thin ice .mp3
[ ... ]
2.13 - outside the wall.mp3

And then be able to tell the SLIMP3 server to ignore
everything underneath all directories called 'separate'
in the collection (presumably one would do this by

Is there some way to do this with the current server
software? Or some other way to have the server
'prefer' CUEed versions of an album over unCUEed
versions of the same album?



Ian Whalley <first name> @ <last name> . org