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    Quote Originally Posted by maggior View Post
    And Pete, well, another player who doesn't have the technical prowess of others, but is the master of the "guitar riff" and inventer of the windmill.
    Pete Townshend credits Keith Richards as the originator of the "windmill"

    I think I saw this in an interview on DVD (either "The Kids are Alright" or "Who's Next")

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    IIRC, Pete said that Richards used to vigorously swing his right arm up through the strings (maybe a quarter-windmill); Pete liked it and extended it into the full windmill.

    I think that Pete's chops have been significantly underrated over the years. He prefers to play the chord stuff (especially the alternating between suspended and not suspended chords, a la Pinball Wizard), but he can play some scorching lead, and is pretty flexible - check out "For Barney Kessel" from the first "Scoop" collection.

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    doc watson

    clarence white

    chet atkins

    merle travis

    buddy emmons

    ralph mooney

    speedy west

    lloyd green

    tommy emmanuel

    leo kottke

    bert jansch

    danny gatton

    richard lloyd

    kelly joe phelps

    chris whitley
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    Since this thread has been revived...here's one that hasn't been mentioned:


    Very strange dude that wears a KFC chicken bucket on his head and wears and expressionless white mask over his face. I just came across his music on Rhapsody. His style is all over the map - ambient, mellow, shredding, avant garde, etc. "Colma" is awesome - pretty mellow with some really good rythms and beats. Another one I've really enjoyed is "Monsters & Robots". This one features Les Claypool from Primus on bass and some vocals. Very Primus like - awesome! "The Ballad of Buckethead" is very reminiscent of "Mr. Oysterhead" from the 2001 project Oysterhead (Les Claypool, Stewart Copeland, and Trey Anastasio).

    Others that I've discovered recently that have had perhaps a single mention so far but I think are worth bringing up again:

    Robin Trower - I especially like "Bridge of Sighs". Some slightly spacy/down-tempo stuff with awesome guitar solos! Imagine an understated Jimi Hendrix.

    Rory Gallagher - "Irish Tour '74" is a must-listen for any guitar fan. Great blues player! "Cradle Rock", especially this version, is an incredible track. Rory just wails on his guitar unmercifully!
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    nice bbc radio documentary on Rory here:

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    Has anyone mentioned Kaori Muraji yet? Classical, the Luminieres album is a good place to start. Crippling prices for Japanese imports though.........


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    Toy Caldwell
    Jonny Greenwood
    Robby Krieger
    Peter Buck
    Bruce Springsteen
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    Quote Originally Posted by maggior View Post
    Since this thread has been revived...here's one that hasn't been mentioned:

    Been listening to Buckethead all morning on Spotify, love it!


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