I think I my tastes are most similar to razzbuddy's.

I like Bill Frisell a lot (I first saw him in '87 or so). But I like him less beginning with Good Dog, Happy Man, and found the Hal Wilner produced cd he made a couple years ago completely unlistenable.

He played some music that I really loved before his increasing interest in Americana became so dominant. Check out the Naked City Cds or some of the old Paul Motian cds with him and Joe Lovano.

Ben Monder
Kurt Rosenwinkel
Kevin Eubanks (yes, _that_ Kevin Eubanks). He played great jazz in the '80s -- I have a Dave Holland cd called Extensions with him on it.
John Scofield, although I've also liked his stuff less over the years. Shinola is great, as is Bass Desires (which Frisell also plays on)
Mimi Fox-- incredible chops, and a lot of fun
Adam Rogers
Peter Bernstein
For fusion-y kind of stuff, I think Mike Stern would be on most shortlists.

I recently got a cd by a drummer named Tom Cohen called "The Guitar Trio Project" that introduced me to a few new guitarists. It's currently one of my favorites. Also, Paul Motian always seems to have some really good young(ish) guitarists playing with him.