I've recently started using slimserver to stream my music to my
loungeroom PC (an EPIA box, using mpg321 to play) and so far I am loving
it, except for one problem:

When streaming MP3s, it works fine, but most of my music collection are
FLACs, which are transcoded on the fly by slimserver. I have noticed
that both FLACs and OGGs when transcoded seem to contain the occasional
(every 5-10 seconds) glitch in playback, which is very noticable. The
glitch sounds like the MP3 stream has been corrupted (i.e. playback goes
crazy making high pitched noises for about 1/4 - 1/2 sec). The player
application (mpg321) will also occasionally segfault when playing these

Is this a known issue with transcoding? When transcoding the files, is
the resulting MP3 stream correct according to the spec, or is it slightly
non staandard? I doubt it's mpg321's fault, as it is only ever on the
non MP3s that it does this, and mpg123 and alsaplayer also exhibit the
same problems.

If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.