For Christmas my fiance bought me a Squeezebox 2. This is an excellent bit of kit and considering what it is and the price it doesn't sound half bad in my system either !

I do however have a couple of issues that I hope you'll be able to assist with.

For your information:

I am using a G5 Apple Mac as the server and streaming the data down to the Squeezebox through a Cat5 UTP cable through a Linksys Wireless Router. All of the music has been ripped to AAC (192 over 44) m4a.


1. The server occasionally locks up while in use causes blips in the music and very occasionally locks up the entire machine and I have to switch it off at the power button. (Surely not ... this is a Mac

2. The Slim Devices network system doesn't appear to be able to find all of the albums that I have converted. These seem to be primarily Greatest Hits albums. Could this be anything to do with the way that I have ripped them ?

Any help would be most apprciated.