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    Music Stutters on SB3 - Help please

    I currently have a system with two Squeezeboxes wired into my network, with Slimserver running on a dedicated PC.
    I set up this system last March. Every thing was running fine until the last few weeks when the PC I was running Slimserver on
    broke. Anyway I acquired another PC of similar spec and setup everything as before, but now I have lots of problems with music stuttering.

    I have two Squeezeboxes one in my Kitchen and one in my living room.
    Both are hard wired to my home network. The living room one is wired directly to my router. The kitchen one uses a homeplug
    device to attach to the network. The Slimserver PC and the router itself also use home plug devices.

    I am running Slimserver 6.5 and the firmware on the two SB's was upgraded when I added the new server. A couple of weeks ago.

    The problem I am having is as follows.

    The living room SB tends to play fine for 5 or 10 minutes then the music starts to stutter. The kitchen SB works perfectly as
    long as the living room SB isn't playing anything. As soon as the living room SB starts playing then the kitchen SB begins to stutter. Equally if the living room SB is playing (in pre stutter period) and the kitchen SB is switched on then the living room one instantly begins to stutter.

    Old PC was an AMD Atlon 1700, 256MB Ram
    New PC Intel Dual Processor, 256 MB ram.

    My music files are FLAC encoded.

    As I say everything worked perfectly until the PC was changed. Also the fact that the Kitchen SB works fine on its
    own makes me thing that the issue is the new PC. Has anyone encountered similar problems? Is there some
    settings on the PC or SB's themselves which might sort this out.



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    Sounds like a network throughput problem to me. Perhaps your Homeplug network is not giving you enough throughput and you are close to its limits? With 2 SBs, the PC and router all connected using it you might be putting too much onto it?

    What might have changed since your previous setup could be the file format settings - if for example you are transcoding FLAC to WAV, for example, that would put extra load on. You might try, as an experiment, forcing transcoding to a lowish bitrate MP3 and see whether that makes a difference.


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