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    slimserver not seeing all my music files

    I've recently purchased a sb3 and loaded slimserver. I've upgraded twice but still when I scan my music folder I only get about 50% of my songs. I figured out a way to get them all by going to my music folder and opening every album folder. this is very time consuming and every time ther is a new upgrade I will possibly have to do it all over again. I've read the beginners forums I tried a MP3 tagging sftwr that didn't work either. Almost all my music is burned from my own cd's , I have about 12k songs. I've never had problem with music match or window media player finding my tracks. I'm currently running 6.5.1 11032. everything about the sb3 w/slimserver is great except for this 1 problem. Any suggestions??

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    Start from the angle that SlimServer works, so there must be something about the files that it doesn't like:
    - DRM
    - Dodgy accents (non-ascii chars)
    - Tags that are odd (Id3v2 vs Id3v1, say)

    There's stacks in the forum about similar problems. It's normally a tagging thing I think. Post some examples of what works and what doesn't.

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    Hello jlrood,

    I had a similar problem recently as well, and mine was related to McAfee Internet Security that was also installed on my computer.

    If you have this on your's try the following:
    On McAfee Security Center, set the "Specify Types of files to scan" on real time scanning, to program files and documents only.

    Then try rescanning the library.

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