I justgot my Squeezebox up and running today, and have been able to use it from any PC on my network by connecting to http://mycomputer:9000/stream.mp3 on the local pc, and setting a playlist from the remote pc which runs the slimserver.

It seems as though it should be possible to do this from another pc across the internet, providing port 9000 is forwarded to the pc running slimserver. I've forwarded the ports appropriately and am trying to access it from a pc across the net using http://myregistereddomainname:9000/stream.mp3, but i can't get a page up.

Any tips on how to configure this would me much appreciated, assuming it can be done in this way. I appreciate that on the pc running slimserver i have to play some tunes for the ip address which is connecting, which is no problem when its another pc on my lan - it just shows up in a drop down list. Not sure how this would work when a remote pc from another network is coming in (if it is possible at all).

Any help appreciated, or just a message from an informed person saying "sorry pal, it cant be done". my slim server is running on a windows sbs 2003 with a fixed ip and a very configurable router.