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    I second (actually third or fourth, I think) getting an ADSL modem-router with a 4-port switch. I've bought cheap stuff in the past and you just have to bin it when your needs change.

    However, you might want to get a wireless one too. You'll buy some wi-fi products soon, so you may as well spend the ú60-odd now and get it over with. One product to configure - much the best way.

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    Router purchased.....

    At last I hear you sigh.... yep, I gone and done it and got me one of them Netgear DG 834 Modem Router type things for ú25. Now all I have to do is find somewhere that has a Squeezebox in stock! Come to think of it.... what EXACTLY is a Squeezebox? ...had you goin for a moment thre guys did I not ? !!

    Jeffmeh,Ceejay,Anzick3,JJZolx,Ramage thanks a million fellas for your guidance and expertise - very very much appreciated.

    ....Ooops, sorry Ceejay Sir, went and 'crossposted' again !

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