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    Re: Saving playlists with remote

    >My only problem with the add.hold button is that sometimes I get
    >impatient (in a hurry) and let go prematurely (let the ribbing begin!)
    >Then I have to go rescue the track that I've accidently removed from
    >the playlist. Would it possible to reverse these? ie. press + for
    >PlaylistMan, and +.hold for remove track from playlist? In my
    >experience (albeit very limited) that would work more smoothly.

    You can achieve that by creating a custom IR map file.

    I can't remember if Custom.map inherits Default.map, or whether you have to duplicate all function keys. You may want to experiment, but I know the following works:

    In your slimserver installation folder, go into server\IR and copy Default.map to Custom.map. Add the following to the end of the file:

    add.single = addmenu
    add.hold = add

    In the web UI, go to your player settings -> Remote. Select Custom for remote button functions.

    The default button functions remain unchanged, so you can swap back if you like.


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    Thanks for the simple instructions, Phil! I think even I can probably do that without screwing things up!
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