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    Restructuring physical folders for Various Artists

    I enlisted some help to undertake a pretty big ripping project (over 2000 CDs) and ripped everything to FLAC. The tags were set up well and except for some minor clean-up using Tag&Rename, I'm pretty happy with this aspect.

    THe problem is that I missed a setting in EAC and instead of all the Various Artist/Compilation CDs ending up in their own directory, it split out each artist into their own folder. Therefore I now have a tone of artist folders with only 1 or 2 songs in them.

    Is there an easy tool or method to identify these and re-unite them in an Album folder as opposed to Artist folder?
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    Restructuring physical folders for Various Artists

    I had the same problem and wrote a Delphi program to move all the
    orphaned tracks files back into a Various Artists/Album Title structure.

    Contact me off-list (steve.agnew (AT) banklink (DOT) co.nz) if you want it.

    Cheers, Steve.

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