My hardware consists of a Synology DS106 running ssods r2b9 and SS6.51 and a win XP PC running iTunes 7.1.
Itunes is managing the audio-files sitting on my NAS in /volume1/music/iTunes_Music . The Itunes playlist files are synced to /volume1/music/playlists .

I've set the file paths in SS settings to point to the above mentioned locations. This setting worked well for me with SS 6.3. Now, after upgrading to SS 6.5(1) the playlists still show up but are empty. So the question is what has changed from 6.3 to 6.5 that SS can't make the Itunes URLs work anymore?
I read some threads here about manipulating the normalize_locations section in respectively with the newer versions of the plugin. Frankly I'm not good enough at this stuff because after I messed around with the my itunes plugin wouldn't even show in the SS settings.
Well, I had a backup of course but still I am stuck with the empty playlists. Anybody who could give me some dummy instructions or even send me a modified file that should work with my folder structure? Otherwise I will have to downgrade to 6.3 again to meeet the WAF and CAF. They want their Minidisco playlist...