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    Missing songs in iTunes playlists

    Hi all,
    I have a bit of a problemo. I was running slimserver 6.3 happily and everything was fine. In a fit of madness, I upgraded to 6.5.0. Now my iTunes playlists are visible, but they contain no songs.

    Here are the details of my config (quotes are included in pathnames for clarity - attributes are without quotes in config):

    slimserver version: 6.5.1 - 10682
    OS: Windows XP pro
    Music folder: "\\Titan\profiles\pwlaz\My Music\iTune"
    Use iTunes: on
    ITUNES MUSIC LIBRARY.XML LOCATION: "\\Titan\profiles\pwlaz\My Music\iTunes"
    ITUNES MUSIC FOLDER: "\\Titan\profiles\pwlaz\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music"
    ITUNES PLAYLIST FORMAT: Prefix: "iTunes:"
    iTunes version: (Windows version)

    I've cleared and re-scanned a couple of times now, with no change. I've also seen some comments about running slimserver as in a DOS box. I really want to keep it running as a service.

    Oh, and my music & iTunes files are stored on a NAS. This is a problem specific to the iTunes part of slimserver, as slimserver shows and plays all my tracks quite happily - it is only the playlists it doesn't seem to like. So it's not a permissions or networking issue. As I said, nothing has changed on the iTunes front; this broke when I went to slimserver 6.5.x.

    Before I log a bug, does anyone have any ideas? I'd appreciate any help you can offer.


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    I'm 15 minutes into my new Slimbox.. so I do not have much to add to your question, but perhaps you can verify something for me ;-)

    It looks like my setup is similar to yours.
    I have a difference in the number of tracks reported in iTunes and in the slimbox. I do not have any playlists (yet). All my songs are ripped from CD to ALAC (Lossless)

    Can you verify this for me....

    I have a server (Win XP Pro SP2)where I store everything. On my computer (also XP Pro SP2) I have a mapped drive that keeps "My documents" folder on the server.

    Slimserver does not read the mapped drive (after much searching in the forums) but since the server has a static IP in the iTunes setup portion of slimserver I point to the:

    It all seems to be working except I am missing about 200 of my 3600+ tracks

    Does this seem like a proper setup?

    I will investigate to see which tracks are missing and why.

    BTW - I do this kind of stuff for a living - I have no idea how 'normal' people can figure this out.

    Thanks in Advance


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    Hi Tom,
    Your post is off-topic to mine, but all my tracks are definately present - 9083 in Slimserver, 9083 in iTunes.

    You are right though, slimserver needs to get fixed if it is to go mainstream, everything from the lack of a simple upgrade, through to the bugs (I was running 6.5 beta without issues). Don't get me wrong, I *love* my Slim system - it is easily the best peice of technology I have bought (close 2nd to my ReadNAS), but I'm a techie and I am getting bored with playing with nightlies - your average consumer simply will not tolerate it.

    Anyway, back onto topic, can anyone help me with my empty playlists?


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    FYI - have raised a support ticket with SD on this issue. I'll advise on progress.

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    After a very disappointing two weeks with ss tech support they have made a rather worrying statement:

    Apparently slimdevices do not support itunes over SMB.

    Is this an issue for anyone else? It worked in 6.3 and 6.5 beta..

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    Someone posted a similar response from Support, explaining this in a bit more detail a little while ago:

    Quote Originally Posted by SD SUPPORT
    The reason why you haven't seen any documentation for accessing iTunes
    on a remote machine is because we don't support that. You can get it to
    work, but its a painful process and it doesn't work consistently. ITunes
    is too difficult to access over SMB, we don't support it.

    With that said, I'll try pointing you in the right direction, but I must
    make it clear that we do NOT support this.

    The Y: path won't work, you'll need to use the UNC style path, which is
    \\computerB\etc etc.. If SlimServer gives you the Oops error, either the
    path is incorrect, or SlimServer can't access it. SlimServer is a
    service, not an application, so it cannot authenticate. If your
    ComputerA requires any sort of authentication, then this will not work.

    I'm going to close this support ticket. If you still need assistance or
    if you have any other questions, please simply reply to this message and
    the support ticket will automatically re-open. Thanks again for
    contacting Slim Devices support.
    Appreciate this doesn't help you (sorry) but thought it might help others to see the full statement.

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    Re: Missing songs in iTunes playlists

    Quoting moby_uk <moby_uk.2iodgn1165880401 (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com>:

    > After a very disappointing two weeks with ss tech support they have made
    > a rather worrying statement:
    > Apparently slimdevices do not support itunes over SMB.
    > Is this an issue for anyone else? It worked in 6.3 and 6.5 beta..

    everything is always "worrying"... oh well.

    The support for iTunes parsing one anything aside from the local
    computer has always been an unsupported hack, requiring very specific
    setup and likely proving to be an increasing headache as iTunes
    consistently breaks their xml format with every release.

    However, there was a fix that went in last night to help with
    normalising file paths under these circumstances. You might be
    pleasantly surprised, but no promises. I personally long since gave
    up even looking at iTunes.


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    Thanks guys. I have to admit I wasn't aware of this. What is dissapointing is the response I got from sd support. It took me over two weeks to get a response stating they didn't support it. In fact, their support was pretty poor. Here is a summary:

    1st response from sd: "fill in the directory fields for itunes". I had already stated in my ticket all the details posted above.
    2nd response: "Upgrade to 6.5.1". I had already stated that I was running 6.5.1.
    3rd response: "check permissions on slimserver service. We do this every day, so (and I paraphrase) it must be a problem at your end".
    4th response (two weeks later): "We don't support this configuration"

    The first two responses were completely unnecesary as I had already detailed this in my ticket. If they had told me it was unsupported, I could have saved a lot of time (and very frustrating email exchanges).

    End of rant.

    I am curious though from a technical standpoint here. I definately had my itunes playlists running using the same configuration and 6.3 and 6.5 beta. I use itunes to organise my playlists, so it is important I have access to this, or similar funcationality.

    Alternatively, does anyone know of a good playlist manager that I can use for my ipod and which is compatible with slimserver. I need SMB support as my music folder is on an NAS.

    Apologies for the meandering response..

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