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    Unhappy "No Artist" and "No Album" problem

    I have a problem with SlimServer not being able to identify the artist and album of about 14 songs out of a total of about 6400 in my collection. I always make use of RealPlayer to rip my CDs, and in both RealPlayer as well as iTunes do the artist and album show up accurately. The 14 songs are from about 4 CDs, most of the songs on each CD are identified correctly, so it's not a problem with a specific CD.
    Has anyone seen this before, and does anyone know how I can fix this? Is this a bug inside SlimServer? I make use of the latest version of SlimServer as well.
    I have deleted the entire library and re-scanned it several times, every time with the same result.
    All my music files are in MP3 format with ID3v2 tags.
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