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    Various Artist Difficulties - Cumbersome Fix

    Like several other posters, I have had tremendous difficulty with Various Artists since installing 6.5. My folder\file structure for VAs is: \Various Artists\<COMPILATION NAME>\artist name - song name.flac.

    My preference is to have all artist names within Various Artists comps appear in the Artists list (i.e. have all VA artists be searchable). However, some VA artist names show up, and others don't even though their FLAC tags appear to follow the same convention. I have tried endless combinations of tags in FLAC to determine the "secret" combination to no avail.

    Today, I tried something that seemed to work, but is even more bizarre. Using Tag & Rename, I removed all tags for one VA file where the artist name wasn't searchable. I manually re-keyed the tags (song name, artist name, album name, album artist), saved them, then did a rescan. Magically, the artist showed up in the Artist list! Good enough, so then I tried the same procedure on all files within one VA subfolder. Rescanned, and NONE of the artist names appeared in the Artist list!

    So I went back and tried the same procedure with just 2 files, then rescaned. For the first file I corrected, the artist name appeared, but not the second file. As near as I can tell, the only method that seems to work is to manually retag one file at a time, and do a complete rescan for each file. Ugh!!! Surely this is a bug?

    Even more strange, checking or unchecking "part of a compilation" doesn't seem to have any effect.

    Has anyone else had the same experience, or a better solution? This is driving me up the wall!

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    Various Artist Difficulties

    I had the same problem as you, what I did find was that if I removed all my playlists from my playlist folder everything worked fine - weird or not? No one else seems to have reported that problem so I assumed it was something in my setup.
    In the end I gave up and reorganised my compilation albums into "artist" folders using MP3tag - easy enough to do - and I can always move them into their proper album folders if this issue gets resolved.

    Good luck

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    Me Too

    see this post...

    the other things I had to do:
    1. remove all "Album Artist", "Albumartist", "Band", and "Ensemble" fields from compliations album tags
    2. organize compliations albums tracks in on folder per album.
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    Thanks for the responses, but unfortunately neither of the above actions worked for me. I tried both clearing out the Playlist folder, as well manually deleting individual songs from playlists. Those artists still don't show up in the Artists list.

    Here's yet another strange twist: As I mentioned above, when I manually retagged a VA file, then did a rescan, that artist appeared in the Artists list. However, in an experiment I tried the "clear library and rescan everything" option. When I did that, the handful of files that I had fixed manually no longer appeared in the Artists list!!!

    I give up.

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    Please post your settings under Server settings - Behavior


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    Quote Originally Posted by slimpy View Post
    Please post your settings under Server settings - Behavior

    Composer, Band and Orchestra: none checked
    "List Compilation Albums under each Artist"
    "List Albums by all artists for that album"
    Last box is blank
    Text entry timing: 1
    Software Updates: Automatically check
    Filter Genres: Only show tracks or albums matching genre
    Play Other Songs: Play other songs in album or directory
    Search Within Words: Search beginning of words
    Articles to ignore: The El La Los Las Le Les
    Multiple Items in Tags: blank
    New Music Limit: 100
    Group Discs: Treat multi-disc sets as mutiple albums
    Maintain Client Playlist: Remember playlist
    Reshuffle on Display: Leave in same order
    Save Shuffled Playlist: Save playlist in order songs were added

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roscoe View Post
    Even more strange, checking or unchecking "part of a compilation" doesn't seem to have any effect.
    Do you know for a fact that this sets the COMPILATION field on a Flac file in Tag & Rename?

    One little toy that I find invaluable is the Windows Explorer add-in from dbPowerAMP. I don't use anything else in dbPowerAMP, but love the ability to view metadata with a mouseover in Explorer.

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