Thanks for the instructions but after trying them and
double checking the info my Internet connection was
dropped. When I told the computer to then
automatically get the IP address the internet
connection came back.

I guess my question is, could it be that Charter cable
doesn't allow static IPs? Why else would I change
everything and my access gets cut? Did I do anything

Steps I did:
1. turn off Norton Internet Security
2. checked IP info via ipconfig/all
3. In control panel went to LAN and changed the info
to static. changed IP to, sub to and gateway to . I also put
in two of the three DNS info.
4. Restarted
5. Went to Netgear config site and added port
6. Restart (just in case)
7. No internet access
8. Change LAN properties to grab IP automatically and
presto internet access comes back

What am I missing?



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