Hey Jeff -
Have you tried changing the channel that your wireless
network uses? Default is probably 6. Try channel 1 or
11 instead.

That's odd how WEP wouldn't work for you. I got WEP to
work no problem, but my problem was that I use WPA
encryption and had to turn that off.

Check out my review of the Squeezebox at


--- Jeff Allison <Jeffrey.Allison (AT) verizon (DOT) net> wrote:
> I've had my Squeezebox for five days now and figured
> I'd pass along my
> experiences so far. Overall, I'm very pleased with
> the unit. The form
> factor is wonderful; it takes up almost no room in
> the cabinet. The
> display is nice -- I know some have said it's hard
> to read from
> distance, but figure that when I play CD's I get no
> display it's pretty
> cool. Having a web interface that I can drive from
> anywhere in the
> house with my laptop is a nice feature. Want to
> pause the music that's
> playing in the other room when the phone rings? No
> problem.
> Now to the problems I've had...
> I never did get the thing to work with iTunes' AAC
> music collection. I
> finally gave up and converted all my songs to MP3
> and quit telling
> SlimServer to use iTunes. AAC files would play with
> LAME installed, but
> I was not able to browse genres, artists, etc.
> Seems like SlimServer
> could never figure out that my iTunes collection
> lived on a different
> disk.
> I had to turn WEP off to get the wireless to work.
> I have a Linksys
> wireless AP that was using 64-bit WEP. In that
> state the Squeezebox
> never connected to the network. As soon as I
> disabled WEP, it worked.
> I live in a low-density area and am not too
> concerned about people
> snooping my network, but this should work.
> When the microwave comes on the Squeezebox stops. I
> realize that this
> is simply life with wireless networks, but it's a
> bit of a drag when I
> reheat my coffee. The fact that the microwave is
> directly in line
> between the AP and the Squeezebox probably doesn't
> help, but that's the
> way it is. Might a more sophisticated antenna on
> the Squeezebox help?
> It's nice that the antenna is
> detachable/replaceable.
> Thanks to the Slim guys for doing things the right
> way, having an open
> discussion forum with customers, and responding so
> fast to customer
> issues and questions.
> - Jeff