Using 6.50 with primarily AAC files. One problem I'm encountering is that I've got a quite few files that are named 'Songname - Album - Artist' and thus have quite a long file name. Quite a few of these tracks fail to play on my Squeezebox. The Song Name appears but either the Squeezebox hangs with a time of 0:00 or it plays the next song in the playlist but displays the wrong song name, showing the name of the song that it can't play (song names continue to remain out of synch as it goes on to later songs in the play list).

I guess my questions are:

1. Am I correct in thinking that this is related to the long file name? Or would I encounter the described problem for some other reason?
2. Would updaing my server to 6.5.1 help?

Many thanks, Merts.