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    Wishlist: "wall pack" SB

    I'm an architect w/ a couple of SB3. The one thing that would be really cool...is if SB could be made in a form factor that would fit in a standard duplex switch box w/ a switchplate (and a nifty "hotswap" bay). It looks like it would almost fit in a quad-outlet box as it's designed now.

    Pair it with something like the new Logitech Harmony 1000 remote, a small in-wall amp & speakers and you'll be rivaling a SONOS...with better stuff!

    In fact, if you had the right form factor, I'd bundle it with an InfrantNAS and we'd have a very use-friendly whole-house entertainment system. A package with "wall" SB3's, NAS for the audio & speakers...I'm already jealous of the first guy who gets one!

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    my idea for multi zone

    i was thinking what would be perfect for a whole house system would be something modular, where you'd have a box with a tuner and maybe some audio inputs along with card slots for SB3 "cards" which would be the audio portion of a sb3, then have a wall controller that had the screen with some control buttons (or even sweeter - touchscreen). Making it modular would let people have 2-3 zones or up to 7-8 zones

    Where I live only a couple radio stations stream and the ones I would want, don't. In addition, it'd be nice to have TV or DVD be able to be played over the system as well (hence the audio inputs)

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    I thought about this already... in fact I vaguely remember suggesting it on here at one point.

    Yes, I'd kill for a Squeezebox that would simply fit onto a dual-gang UK electrical back box. Network cabling could simply terminate on IDCs, with recessed phono sockets for audio/SPDIF out and perhaps a low profile 2-pin connector for power. This could form the basis of a permanent installation.

    I'd have one for my kitchen and bathroom!

    The other thing I'd like to see is a "standard" SB in 17" hi-fi separate form factor. The Transporter looks stunning - but I already have an Arcam AVR-250 with a seriously high quality DAC in it.

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