Sean & Dean-

My SqueezeBox arrived tonight and I just want to let you guys know how
much I already love it! I had it up and running in less than five
minutes, no need for a manual of course. It is all I've come to expect
in the years I've followed the Slimp3. It has represented everything I
think should be in a product, inside and out. I'm sure I would have
bought one of the first 100 but instead used a long RCA cable at the
time. By the time I could really use one I was laid off like many of us
in the industry, and had to be more frugal in my spending. The need and
means have surfaced recently and I was again considering purchasing a
slimp3. As with many others, my two most-wanted features were wireless
and SPDIF support. When I stumbled across news of the squeezebox, I
ordered it instantly. I was mad I was not staying on top of things and
ordered it late, but as I see mine is #20008. So I guess I can be happy
with first-ten status.

As I stated before the product is near perfect, but of course I
wouldn't be me without some suggestions:

- Make an easy way for multiple IPs to stream the same broadcast. It
would be nice to have multiple computers throughout the house playing
the same thing, controlled by the squeezebox. Yes I could connect each
player to my external IP address but that isn't easy (and in fact
crashed the server each time I tried!).

- Make the clock/power off display more customizable. My routers blink
every second to update it, I would rather lose the seconds display and
have it update each minute instead. (Did I mention I was picky?) Lots
of other possibilities here, I assume plugins are to come for this.

- Support multiple genres per song. For example a song may have a genre
of "Rock, Acoustic, Live" will be listed in playlists of each category
in iTunes. Slimserver gives it its own unique genre.

- Sadly I miss the hand-built look of the slimp3. But you've done a
great job in cramming a lot in still a very small package. Maybe I'll
remount it in an aluminum radioshack project box.

The squeezebox arrived just in time to be center stage at a party this
weekend. Now if only it were beerproof!

Thanks again for all your hard work and values in creating a product
the right way!