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    Craig, James (IT)

    Re: 6.5.1 => Nasty Electronic Sound on startup &SevereTrack delays

    > I deleted itunesupdater1.9 and the delay has been solved. There seems
    > to be an issue for 1.9 synching with itunes (at least when running
    > 6.5.1). [James is it possible that updater doesnt work with 6.5.1??)

    Are you running SlimServer 'on startup' or 'on login'? Delays on track
    gaps are the usual symptom of SlimServer being unable to communicate
    with iTunes, but it's working fine for me, with SlimServer set to 'start
    on login'


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    running on start up

    Are you running 6.5.1?

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    Please use the main thread

    this thread was apparently created by accident in an attempt to reply to the original posting. The original thread is at:


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    Roll back partly successful but not for updater1.9


    I have rolled back to 6.5.0 which for me works as a tray and service.

    BUT if I install updater 1.9 all is not well. There are 10-30second pauses between each track. Itunes7 does not autolaunch if not already started, and if started, does not update with either track or skip count.

    I have not tried itunes7+Slim6.5.0+updater1.9 as a service yet => but as you said it should work as a tray programme I thought I'd highlight that it doesnt for me.

    Any idea whats up?

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