Norton System works 2002.05 Build 52
Norton Antivirus 8.07.17C
Norton Protection (undelete recovery) 2002

I'm part way through a re-build of a new system, and will monitor my
progress, one application at a time....

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What Norton software are you running?


On Dec 7, 2003, at 6:33 PM, The1FastCar wrote:
> The latest in my saga.. (like anyone really cares... ; ) ) Well, Now I
> have 3 systems currently running a SlimServer
> 3.2 gHz, 2Gig RAM, WinXP "Virgin system" -> All is Perfect. 1.7 gHz,
> 1Gig RAM, WinXP "minimal, but Norton & ZoneAlarm are running*"->
> Lots of issues 700 mHz, 1Gig RAM, Win 98 running HomeSeer (Home
> Automation) -> All is Perfect.
> (And HomeSeer is not a light process. It Has Voice Recognition +
> Text to speech etc...)
> So I conclude that there is something (software) running on that
> middle system (1.7) that is causing drops.
> When I manually stop Everything (including Norton, and that includes
> all their Services) then the system will at-least play for a few
> minutes prior to dropping, But the music will resume. This is an
> improvement.
> *I think the problem is in ZoneAlarm. (had issues here before, and
> stopping it does not solve the problem)
> I think I will have to Un-install ZoneAlarm (and that's no easy task..
> to make sure it's completely gone)
> My preference is to migrate things around and put the Home automation
> and Slim on a New install of WinXP for the 1.7gHz box.
> but, if someone wants me too, experiment with this Zone alarm +
> Norton....
> I'm curious what changed in 5.0.1 to make it play so nasty with my
> system.......
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> Hi,
> I too have started suffering dropouts since (I think) upgrading to
> 5.0.1. Initially I noticed it happening while streaming internet
> radio stations, but then noticed it while playing songs too. The
> dropouts aren't as frequent as others have reported, happening perhaps
> after playing two or three songs. The dropouts sometimes sound like
> the music is stuttering (similar to when the signal on some FM tuners
> isn't quite strong enough and the tuner intermittently mutes the
> audio), and other times sounds like a short burst of the song is
> repeatedly playing over and over. Pausing and un-pausing the song, or
> skipping to another track, usually fixes the dropouts for a few
> minutes. Also, sometimes when the dropouts occur I get corruption of
> letters on the display. When this happens the remote often becomes
> inoperable and I have to use the web interface. I've never seen the
> problem before in any previous version and have had the SliMP3 since
> about the time of V4.2.1
> Setup is the SliMP3 directly connected via a crossover cable to a P4
> 3GHz PC running Windows XP. The same PC is also on a wireless
> network, but the wired and wireless networks are separate and so
> shouldn't affect one another.
> Hope this helps,
> Matt.
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> Subject:[slim] Dropouts ( Does this thing work under XP?)
> So am I the only one running XP and having a problem?
> Should I build a *nix system?
> Here's my story..
> WinXP, 'Virgin system'. Compaq 1.7Ghz, 1 Gig Ram, 3 Gig swap, 60Gig
> disk.
> Linksys router with only the WinXP machine and the Squeezebox on it
> Hard-wired to the Slim
> (Tried WiFi and had same experience)
> 5.0.0 Slim Server / Firmware
> approx 5 drops outs per song 1 second each. (rarely a song or 2
> will w/o error.)
> 5.0.1 Slim Server / Firmware
> I Might be able to get 2 seconds of a song to play.
> Tried all the nightly builds, but the latest Firmware seems to cause a
> problem...?