Hi Community. I am new to post on this community, although I have had my Squeezeboks for 6 months or so now. It is fantastic and through the whole period I have found only one strange thing that I cannot get to work properly. Here is my problem.

I had a friend coming over all the way from Turkey, and she gave me a tip regarding a radio station called Lounge 102. (www.loungefm.net) When I got there I found this link http://www.loungefm.net/lounge_fm_2006.asf to the radiostream. Here the strange thing begins. I can easily play this on my computer, in any audio players, but I cannot access it directly from my Squeezebox. What is even stranger is that if I start up a synchronized Softsqueeze on my computer I can access this stream both from my Softsqueeze and from my Squeezebox directly. So in order to initiate this stream from my Squeezebox I need to have an instance of Softsqueeze running on my computer. If I do not have a Softsqueeze running it does not manage to connect. I have not seen this with any other radioURLs.

I have searched the forum for an answer to this question, but I have not found anything on this Have any of you seen this before?