Yes, this would work fine for the purposes of remote controlling the
original slimp3.

It's also a silly and expensive way to get remote control of your slimp3
player unless you plan on actually using the squeezebox as a music player at
some point.

If you want to control your slimp3 from another room just buy a $20 IR
remote extender device that will catch the remote signal and send it to the
other one.

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I have my regular SliMP3 connected to my hi-fi amp which has speakers
in two rooms. If I added a Squeezebox [placed in the room without the
hi-fi] with no connection to the amplifier, but running in sync with
the original set-up, would this be usable with the remote control to
control the music being streamed from the SlimServer? (I am guessing
'yes', because I don't see any way that the Squeezebox would know
whether it had an amp on the output or not.)

Any suggestions about other ways to achieve the same effect would be
most welcome.