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    SS 6.5 & Qnap TS-101 v1.2.1 vs 2.0.0

    Quote Originally Posted by ultra238a View Post

    Right some of you have everything working nicely and some of you don't so here are some of my findings.

    1. Patience is a virtue! SS 6.5 takes a lot longer to install and run on re-boot.

    2. When you first install 6.5 it will do a re-index of your music collection - this will take hours to complete if you have a reasonable sized music collection. Your Squeezeboxes will not be useable whilst SS 6.5 is scanning your music collection. If you try and play anything then you will experience stuttering and freezing of your SB.

    3. SS 6.5 runs fine on a TS-101 if you don't use the SS web front end for control. If you just use it for setup then you'll be fine. There is a pause of between 1 and 6 seconds when moving between pages and it depends on which page you go to. The TS-101/201 needs more memory and we are investigating the possibility of upgrading the units to 192Mb which we believe would make the TS-101/201 fly when running SS 6.5. Currently you can free up some resources by switching off some of the other TS-101 features

    4. For those who want to go back cleanly to 6.3.1 then there is a new downgrade tool on www.progressiveav.com/ts101_update. This update/downgrade file will downgrade your TS-101 to 6.3.1 - none of your settings will be kept and your database will be totally cleared. You will also have to re-install any plugins you have installed and use

    5. There is a new All In One Plugins update for SS 6.5 which has the latest AlienBBC and Weather plugins - enjoy!

    If anybody has any further problems either post them or PM me.

    Guys, I had quite a challange to upgrade from SS 6.3.1 > 6.5.0 on a QNAP TS-101 running firmware 2.0.0

    According to the log-file SS was installed but waiting for hours nothing happened and the log file remained "installing SS....."

    I then rolled back from firmware 2.0.0 > 1.2.1 and the installation of SS 6.5.0 with a Qnap on firmware on v1.2.1 was successfully closed.

    In brief: You need to run a Qnap with firmware 1.2.1 to upgrade to SS 6.5.0

    Rolling back from 2.0.0 > 1.2.1 is no prob at all. Just use the image iles on progressives server.

    TranquilPC Windows Homeserver / SC 7.2 / Draytek 2800VG

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultra238a View Post
    The memory can be upgraded for sure, I am just trying to find out if it has to be matching or if we can put more in.

    I doubt we could socket the memory.
    Hi Paul,
    Looking through this thread i can't see if you managed to upgrade the memory or not. I'm looking to do the same so any time saved would be helpful

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