Fedora Core 5 Linux x86_64
Slimserver version 6.5.0 - 9916

I have just upgraded from my previous version of Slimserver (6.3.1 I think) to the latest stable release, and found the process a little more difficult than usual. The first problem arose in that executing (I had used "/sbin/service slimserver start" first) would return the error that 'mysqld' could not be located, and would exit there. This was fixed by setting up Slimserver to use the version of MySQL that is already running on my system (although it wasn't too much of a problem to do, other not so technically minded people may not be able to do this).

Once this was done, Slimserver ran fine, until I went to set up my library directory, and scan for files. Upon clicking to scan for files, Slimserver would crash. A quick look down the /tmp/slimserver.log file, indicated that the likely cause of this was the lack of the Digest::SHA1 perl module. Why wasn't this set as a requirement, in the same way that YAML::Syck was (which was installed with /usr/local/slimserver/Bin/ YAML::Syck). I've now installed the Digest::SHA1 module (using cpan), and Slimserver appears to be running perfectly.

I hope that the above may help someone else, and also be fixed for other users.