I asked this question in an older thread but I thought I would pose it here also since this is more targeted. I use Windows Mobile PDAs to control my SlimServer with a SB3. The handheld web interface of SlimServer works great with my 1/2 VGA device and my small Windows Smartphone.

Since I upgrade from the SB1 to the SB3, I love the fact that I can stream Pandora music and Internet radio (sports talk radio junkie here) without turning on my media server by connecting automatically to SqueezeNetwork.

Now for the problem. When I try to log on to SqueezeNetwork with my mobile devices I get an error that says:

"Your browser does not support the SqueezeNetwork NetControl"

The assumption is that SqueezeNetwork was not developed for mobile bowsers. So, I have to walk up to the SB3 and use the remote to control or have my laptop running to control the SB3 from the SqueezeNetwork site (not a good option when I'm outside trying to listen to music in the back yard).

The question is, does anyone know if a development is coming anytime soon that will allow control of the SqueezeNetwork site through a mobile device? Does anyone know of a work-around that would allow the mobile browsers to successfully log on and control the SB3 through SqueezeNetwork?

Thanks in advance all!