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    Quote Originally Posted by EnochLight View Post
    I was excited to read this post and check out Beatport; it does look pretty cool. But when I went to purchase my first album in WAV, I was slapped with a $9 USD "handling fee". That sucks, because I would love to be able to find a store comparable in price to iTunes but offered WAV downloads. Needless to say, I cancelled that purchase an opted for the .mp4.
    Yeah - the WAV pricing is crazy isn't it? For an album, the Beatport "WAV handling fee" on its own is often more than the cost of buying the CD!

    It is made even worse by the exchange conversions used for GBP and EUR which are significantly worse than the usual rip-offs we are used to getting.

    There are a lot of complaints about this on the Beatport forum so hopefully they will get the message soon.

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    You used to not be able to download WAV - if you wanted lossless they shipped it to you on a CDR. I imagine that's where the handling fee first started. Of course it makes no sense now it's just another download format!

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