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    QNAP Slimserver Installation Guide


    Can I have simple guide to installing slimserver on my new TS-101. Have trawled this forum and there doesn't seem to be one. Thanks


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    You could be in trouble as you should have bought a unit with Slimserver preloaded from a supplier such as Cooltopia. As far as I am aware, it is is not currently possible to do it yourself. (I have been away for a month and I have not trawled all the postings)

    Give some more details and we can advise.


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    At this time there is no way to install SlimServer onto a Qnap TS-101 that didn't originally come with it installed from Progressive AV or one of it's distributers.

    likewise there is no way to install SS to a unit that has had a drive replacement without sending it back to Progressive.

    Paul from Progressive has stated there will be a way to add SlimServer to all other units in the near future. Unfortunitely he seems to be absent from these forums at the moment. There is a new baby on the scene, so i guess thats why he has been quite.

    PS. I hope everything is fine with the family. Paul, if you read this, let us know that all is well

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    I seem to recall Paul mentioning that the self-install capability might be ready sometime in September.

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