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    Reckase, Erik Nathan

    Some comments from the field

    I received this quote from someone that I told about the Squeezebox:

    "A word to the Slim Devices people: 'Fire your marketing people. I had to
    read a Slashdot review before I discovered that you actually supported Ogg
    Vorbis and FLAC. Even on your own damn webpage, it wasn't mentioned until I
    took a look at the hardware specs. My first impression upon visiting your
    web page was, 'Oh gee, another hardware mp3 player, but with a different

    I have to agree - we need to push the multi-format aspect of the Squeezebox
    much harder on the front page.

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    Caleb Epstein

    Some comments from the field

    On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 04:03:38PM -0700, Reckase, Erik Nathan wrote:

    > I have to agree - we need to push the multi-format aspect of the
    > Squeezebox much harder on the front page.

    I would suggest that you especially hype:

    * Support for lossless audio formats (FLAC, SHN [I'm working
    on this], APE?, etc.)

    * Gapless playback of PCM audio streams. This is a big win
    for people who have lots of live-concert recordings. These
    tend to be the same people who want the first feature.

    * Digital output with NO resampling or sample rate conversion

    * Open Source server software

    * Active user community contributing enhancements

    The live-convert taping/trading community is a
    decent-sized pocket of enthusiasts (cf. etree.org,
    furthurnet.com, etc.) that would LOVE the Squeezebox. I'd
    know. I'm one of them.

    Personally, I'd been pretty keen on the SliMP3 player since
    I'd first found out about it, but the limitations of
    fixed-wire ethernet and MP3-only held me back. The Squeezebox
    is a killer device to me, and the addition of the digi-out is
    pure gravy. I bought one the moment I saw it.

    I've been hyping this thing to my etree.org buddies since the
    day I found out about it, and I'm hopeful there will be one or
    two more sales from my efforts. Unfortunately the $300 price
    tag puts a few people off, but the hardware feature set is
    causing everyone to drool.

    Caleb Epstein | bklyn . org | "Thank heaven for startups; without them we'd
    cae at | Brooklyn Dust | never have any advances." -- Seymour Cray
    bklyn dot org | Bunny Mfg. |

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