So here I am moving in to a rental home for a few months before my new
home is finished and I find that there are only two cable jacks in the
whole house. I have ordered cable Internet, and I sure as heck am not
putting my home office in the family room or my bedroom. What do I do?

Well I do this;

bedroom cable jack <-> cable modem <-> firewall/nat machine <-> SB2
bridged <-> 802.11g AP <-> switch <-> rest of home network

The Squeezebox even performs reliably out to the Internet via the
machine it is handling bridging for. I also use my Cisco VoIP phone
for my job over it without any issues.

Definitely a big thank you to Slim Devices for putting that feature in
there. It saved me from buying a thing. I guess I did have to waste
an RJ45 plug to make a crossover cable, but I think I can handle the
few pennies =).