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    Network always busy

    As I posted earlier I've switched my server onto new hardware. Everything is working but I noticed that the network icon was always showing activity. My server isn't just a music server it's also my mail server and general 'houseNet server'. The fact it's a mail server and exposed to the outside world bothered me so I downloaded Ethereal to take a look.

    It turns out that my SB3 and the server are continuously exchanging multi-cast packets even while the SB3 is off. I don't think the server used to do that on the old hardware. Presumably it's the SB3 asking if anyone is there - but why is it doing it all the time?

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    Network always busy

    Quoting AndrueC <AndrueC.2d48db1156542601 (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com>:

    > anyone is there - but why is it doing it all the time?

    If the SB3 is displaying anything (like the time, for eg) then there
    is data going between slimserver and SB3. The SB3 requires slimserver
    or SqueezeNetwork for all display updates.

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    Network always busy - SB3 sending packets to port 3483

    I have this behaviour as well.

    Even tough the SB3 is powered off, with no clock or anything in the display, it keeps sending packets to my computers port 3483. Normally I wouldn't mind, but my problem is that these packets seem to wake up my computer from standby, and so leaves my computer running 24/7.

    I didn't use to have this problem - my computer nicely entered standby after my desired amount of time, and woke up as soon as I powered up the SB3. I am currently running on the 6.5b of 9th September. As my computer is put away in a storage-room I havent noticed exactly when this started.

    Any comment on what these packets to port 3483 are, and/or how I can take advantage of standby-mode is appreciated.

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